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New drug for advanced stage of multiple sclerosis

"A new drug for multiple sclerosis could slow the progression of symptoms of a form of the disease for which effective treatments have proved elusive" The Guardian reports

Tai chi may be as effective for fibromyalgia as standard exercise

'Tai chi recommended to fight fibromyalgia' reports BBC News

Low back pain treatment 'needs improvements'

'Lower back pain being treated badly on a global scale, study says' The Guardian reports

Children from poorer backgrounds more affected by rise in childhood obesity

'Forget going hungry… now poor children are FATTER than rich kids' reports the Mail Online, which says the “trend of well-off parents having portly children has been reversed'

New stem cell treatment may help reverse age-related sight loss

'A revolutionary medical technique that harnesses the power of stem cell therapy has restored the vision of two patients' the Mail Online reports

No evidence the 5:2 diet prevents heart disease

'People on the part-time “5:2” diet lose weight more quickly and are more healthy than those undertaking a consistent, traditional diet' The Daily Telegraph reports
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