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Statins 'safe' for children with genetic heart condition

'Statins are safe for children as young as seven, research suggests' the Mail Online reports

Over half of 12-24 year olds have side effects from energy drinks, survey reports

“Energy drinks ‘trigger nasty side effects like heart problems and seizures in half of kids’,” is the potentially terrifying, but misleading, headline in The Sun

Cycling 'doesn't cause sexual or urinary problems in men', survey finds

'Cycling does not negatively affect men's sexual health or urinary function, a study has found' BBC News reports

Weight management may reduce the need for type 2 diabetes medication

“Diet and exercise are 'better than drugs at controlling type 2 diabetes',” the Mail Online reports

HRT may protect against depression in women going through menopause

“Hormone replacement therapy treatments 'can prevent depression in menopausal women',” reports the Daily Mirror

Does 'just one cigarette at parties' turn into a daily habit?

"One cigarette 'may lead to habit for more than two thirds of people'," reports The Guardian, while the Mail Online goes further, claiming that "one puff of a cigarette is enough to get you hooked"
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